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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lena Magdalena Wallpaper Collection


Lena magdalena cute photo
Begins from her hobby follow dance competition with her friends during school formerly, Lena Magdalena then leered by Starmild to be presenter Crash Bone tv program . Afterward this woman begins to jump down to comfort world and several advertisements he has starred.


Lena magdalena sexy photo

Magdalena figure is identical to the sexy and energetic impression. However, recent artist who is also a presenter KDI was just 6 looks a bit fat. Then if the responses of women who familiarly called Lena's?

"Maybe yes, because of busy too. So, eating is not controlled," she said.

Lena then also admitted if she had been taking special drugs to keep up appearances her body . temporary that, as mentioned about image attached sexy, smooth white celebrities such claims had never expected that many people who call it sexy.

"That's from the brain, the inner beauty.'s Physically a lot of them have a more proportionate body," he added.

Lena recognizes the most sexy body, is the "Most eyes, nose, because many who say the eyes and nose that Lena's good. As for the size of Lena's nose is not too sharp.

Biografi Lena Magdalena:

Profil Biodata Magdalena Lena Soderberg

* Full Name : Lena Magdalena Soderberg
* Alternative Name : Magdalena Soderberg, Lena Soderberg
* Nickname : Magdalena
* Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 17 Mei 1984
* Religion : Christian Protestan
* Tinggi Badan : 160 cm
* Berat Badan : 50 kg
* Ukuran BH : 34E / 34 D
* Zodiak : Taurus
* Relationship : unknown
* Daughter : Han-Han
* Sister : Lia
* Occupation : Host, VJ, Actress
* Education : Tarumanegara University, majoring Management (degree 2002)
* Hobby : Basket Ball, Modern Dance
* Favourite Food : Spicy Food

Magdalena Commercial Ads for :
Starmild "Obsesi Selebriti", Pond's, Sabun Pemutih Tje Fuk, Sari Penyejuk ABC, Esia Mobile-8, Frozz, Teb's, McDonald's, Roncar, Ovale Facial Wash

Lena Magdalena Sinetron Title :
- Klinik 24 Jam as Astuti
- Full Color, with Bagus Oka, Sissy Pricillia and Andi Boim
- Tawa Sutra XL as guest star, with Budi Anduk, Arie Untung, Pepi Empat Mata, Sabrina Kono, Ade Namnung, Aldi Taher

Film starring Lena Magdalena
- Medley @ 2007
- Si Jago Merah (2008), playing with Ringgo Agus Rahman, Desta Club 80's, udika, Poppy Sovia, Tika Putri, Sarah Sechan, Joe Project Pop, Indra Birowo
Magdalena, also known as Lena Magdalena and have full name Lena Soderberg was born in Jakarta, 17 May 1984. Magdalena is an Indonesian actress who have big boobs breast. Foto Cewek Sexy Magdalena who also selected as the most sexy woman in Indonesia 2008 version of FHM magazine, the popularity over of artis sinetron Luna Maya. Magdalena Soderberg who starting his career as presenter televisi Ada Gosip, recognize very love with his payudara montok big boobs, his sexy mouth and beautiful eyes because those is the most sexy parts of the body section.

At junior high school, Lena Magdalena have hobbies to play basketball and modern dance. So no wonder if Magdalena has a tubuh sintal montok, which makes many men's eyes bug out when see the elegance of payudara montok. With the ukuran bra size 34 E (some people said 34 C or 36 E), perhaps if the bra is opened it will show the gundukan gunung kembar which is very beautiful challenging. The following foto-foto Magdalena is an expression of the soul and sound section. But you can not find foto Magdalena bugil telanjang here, because Lena Magdalena never photo telanjang. She's a polite and professional person in work.
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