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Monday, June 13, 2011

Photo Hot & Sexy Miss Indonesia

Agni Pratistha Arkadewi Kuswardono (born in Canberra, Australia, December 8, 1987, aged 23 years, height 178 cm) is the reigning Miss Indonesia 2006. Name Pratistha Agni in Sanskrit means fireplace.

Before the title of Miss Indonesia 2006, Agni has attended Cosmogirl of the Year in 2003 and became the second winner. Agni also had participated starred in Chasing the Sun. The woman from Central Java was later elected as Miss Indonesia 2006 in Theatre Land Track (TMII), Jakarta. He set aside Ananda from South Kalimantan and Rahma M. Landy from Jakarta. Indonesian Princess Coronation conducted on August 25, 2006. His older brother named Sigi Wimala is also an actress of Indonesia.

End of April 2007, he went to the event's selection of Miss Universe 2007. The Summit was held at the National Auditorium, Mexico City on May 28, 2007. During the quarantine, he practiced Dayak dances and wears clothing from the seven Indonesian fashion designer who membekalinya. He is a very beautiful woman and sexy bodied. 2BPratistha% 2BArkadewi08.JPG 2BPratistha% 2BArkadewi06.JPG 2BPratistha% 2BArkadewi05.JPG